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Pharmaceutical is the word which includes different aspects such as retailing and manufacturing of medicine and healthcare industry. This is the industry which needs good amount of care and quality, thus we are the distributor and retailers who can match up in the pharmaceutical industry in India.

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Great Reasons to partner with Sanjivani

Sanjivani aims to partner with prospective enthusiasts who wish to take the benefit of the booming pharmaceutical industry and looks forward to partner with someone who has:

  • People willing to be an entrepreneur
  • Appropriate location preferably at a prominent spot
  • Adequate capital backup
  • Passion and will to look forward towards development of business
  • No experience in retail servicing industry
  • No experience in pharmaceutical industry
  • No customer management skills and know-how to market
Ideal Partner Profile
  • Experienced Management
  • Prominent foothold in North India
  • Effective inventory management system
  • Attractive ROI and quick payback
  • Booming pharmaceutical sector of the country
  • Lack of organized pharmacies in the country
  • Consumer preferred outlet due to attractive discounts offered
  • Extensive pharmaceutical product offerings

Pharma distribution by and large is highly un-organized and convenience based. The Indian scenario presents great potential for pentration of organized pharma chains in the country

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Growth of pharmaceutical industry

India is one of the highly populated countries and in such situation it becomes very much important to handle the healthcare.

A study has found that the pharmaceutical industry of India contributes only 10% of volumes and it is expected that a growth will be seen at a steady rate. The volume will reach 14.5% to reach the level of 55 billion dollars in 2020.

India will be amongst top 3 pharmaceutical markets as incremental growth and 6th largest in absolute value by 2020 from the revenue of the pharmaceutical industry, India share 72% from generic drugs, 19% from OTC medicines and 9% from patented drugs.

The demand of the pharmaceutical products is increasing with the increasing population. Thus there is a need for setting up the healthcare service provider for the pharmaceutical products in India.
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Why choose Sanjivani to partner with

  • Well established in north India
  • Qualified and experienced management
  • High return on investment
  • Effective inventory management system
  • Booming future of pharmaceutical sector
  • Choice of customers because of the discounts offered
  • Wide range of products to offer

Sanjivani wishes to join hands with enthusiasts in order to take the advantage of the boom in the pharmaceutical industry. We wish to partner who possesses the following

  • Willingness to become an entrepreneur
  • A good capital investment
  • Proper location
  • Passion to take the business at great heights
  • Experience in retail sector
  • Experienced and non-experienced in pharmaceutical industry
  • Market study and customer relations

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