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Sanjivani Makes the One Stop Shop for Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical is one word that comprises of different aspects of healthcare and medicine industry. It includes both manufacturing as well retailingof healthcare products and medicines. But as this industry need epitome of quality and precision, we are the retailer and distributor who match the standard of the pharmaceutical industry in India.

We are Sanjivani, a one-stop shop for all the medicinal and healthcare products.




Our services at a glance

  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Daily use products
  • Surgical products
  • Allopathic medicines
  • OTC products
  • Homeopathic medicines

USPs of Sanjivani

  • We have a bouquet of healthcare products: With an aim to become one of the largest retailers nationally and internationally, we have garnered a list of products including the daily use products, surgical and OTC products, and all types of medicines.
  • We have proper management of inventory: We at Sanjivani have deployed better management of inventory. Ours have well-planned systems to plan and manage the expense and billing of the product that we have.
  • We are technology driven and innovative: We at Sanjivani believe in technological advancements and hence, we are technology driven in terms of deliverance. We have made it easy to fulfill the reach of customers by making things available online.
  • We have certified products of standard quality: We have healthcare products matching then certified standards of the industry. We have products certified by I.P/B.P/U.S.P Standards which are checked by the QC departments of our company. We only trust renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.
  • We provide billing of each and every medicine : We train our team to provide bill to each and every customer irrespective of bill amount and age of person purchasing medicines.

Why Choose Us?

At Sanjivani, we are a follower of best practices in retailing and distribution of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. we believe in quality and standards and hence, it becomes our plus point to be chosen by you. so, if you seek high-class services and standardized pharmaceutical products, then come get assisted by us. Our team will handle all your queries.

Vision & Mission

Our mission at Sanjivani
Our mission at Sanjivani is to make retailing and distribution easy for the pharmaceutical products. we aim to provide all these products on the best price available in the industry.
Our vision at Sanjivani
Our vision is to ensure the company’s success with an affordable distribution of healthcare and medicinal products.