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Sanjivani – a company to have franchise

Are you planning to take a franchise of some pharmaceutical company?

Are you willing to establish your name in the distributorship of pharmaceutical industry?

If you are willing to, then consider choosing the franchise of sanjivani. Sanjivani offers you franchise and also helps with the way of running the store. The process of getting franchise is very much easy.

Reasons to have Sanjivani franchise

There are number of reasons which tempt you to choose sanjivani as your pharmaceutical franchise.

We offer you with wide range of products in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. With the wide range it becomes easy to run the retail shop. The inventory management system is used which ensures that the stock remains to the mark all the times.

We will offer you with the promotional inputs which will help you in running the store in successful manner. It includes remainder cards, visual aids, and gift items which helps you in promoting the store to the respective customers.

You will never remain short of stock and we make sure that you never need to miss any prescription due to stock issues. We will not let you lose your business. If the new product is been launched, it will be into your stores even before the doctors starts prescribing it to the customers. This ensures that you will never miss a prescription with our franchise.

We offer the monopoly rights. Sanjivani guarantees you that in your location there will be no other franchise store of sanjivani. You will be allotted your territory and you will be the only dealer representing us in that locality.

The rate at which we will be offering your medicines will not be able to match any other rates in the markets. It is ensured that you will get business form us.

We will be offering the training to staff so that they can become conversant with any kind of medication coming in market.

These reasons are tempting and will bring you to us for becoming our franchise partner.

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