Our Services

The Company from Where You Can Have the Best in Pharmaceuticals- Sanjivani

There may be a requirement where you intend to buy the best products related to pharmaceuticals. If you have such intention, then it is always better to be with us at Sanjivani. We are a well- known name all over the country providing world class product to people. For any health care needs you can be with us to have the best. The specialty that we have

There are certain specialties which make us recognized all over the country. The specialties are:

  • We provide the largest number of products.
  • We have effective management of inventory.
  • Our pharmaceutical distributors use technology to be in pace
  • The stock is properly maintained daily so we are able to serve you better.

The various services that you can expect from us

  • We make available to you any nature of pharmaceutical products at an affordable rate.
  • The pharmacy wholesalers can benefit from us by taking their products at a discounted rate.
  • The products that our retail pharmacy sells are of reputed brand and are within the expiry date.
  • We deal with OTC medicines and you can have those from us without any hesitation.
  • We have trained qualified pharmacist at our outlets who will guide you in the proper manner as to how to take the medications that you have purchased.
  • We maintain a strict quality policy in our stores. If it is seen that any product has crossed the expiry date they are immediately disposed of so that they do not reach our valued customers.
  • We have special counters for elderly and critically ill patients. This ensures that they do not have
  • to wait long and their prescriptions are served with proper care.
  • We provide adequate training to our staffs so that they are conversant with the new medicines and can help you in that respect.
  • We follow all the rules that are made available by the regulatory authority like complaints policy and drug recall policy.
  • The inventory management in out outlets is such that you will definitely have your prescriptions served.

So, with all these services with us at Sanjivani, come and get benefitted.